Our all-you-can-eat fundraisers cost only $3.80 a plate so you can get more for the money you're raising. We've helped a variety of clubs and organizations, including:

Lions Clubs
Sports teams
High schools

We usually ask for volunteers to assist us with staffing events for large groups. Our goal is to help you create a fun event while removing the stress.

Call 320-774-3665 today to schedule catering for nonprofits in the St. Cloud, MN area.

We can bring dozens of waffle irons

We can bring dozens of waffle irons

We'll set up as many as 30 waffle irons (with a minimum of 12) to make sure you can provide as much food as you need. People will come through and order a waffle and select the toppings, syrup and side items they'd like. We'll also bring beverages and cups upon request.

We require an average of 75 plates per hour with a minimum of 200 plates. On Sundays and holidays, the minimum is 300 plates. Contact Waffle It today to put together an all-you-can-eat breakfast fundraiser in St. Cloud, MN.